Bahama Knights

Bahama Knights (and Nance) performing together

First appearance Bahama Knights
Bahama Knights is a ska band formed by Peter and Anita sometime in the 70s. The band's first and only appearance was in the Season 4 episode by the same name.

History Edit

During the 70s, the band rose to prominence, proven by a flashback to a 1976 performance where they performed for a massive, screaming crowd during an outdoor concert. After Anita and Peter's divorce, however, Anita continued to tour with the band, and at some point hired a man named Kurt to replace Peter as percussionist. The band also consists of an unnamed female backup singer and an unnamed male guitar player. It is unknown if Peter is the only former member.

For a short while, Peter rejoined the band and began touring again, much to the dismay of Nance, who was left behind. Nance would later go on to perform onstage with the band during the song "Banana Daiquiri."

Members Edit

Current Edit

  • Anita, main vocalist and frontwoman
  • Kurt, percussionist
  • an unnamed female backup singer
  • an unnamed male guitar player

Former Edit

Songs Edit

  • "Banana Daiquiri" featuring Nance
  • an unnamed song about having sex in a hammock
  • an unnamed song about a funky island