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Anita as she reunites with Peter and Nance.

Portrayed by Maya Rudolph
Gender Female
Occupation(s) Frontwoman for Bahama Knights
Family Peter (ex-husband)
First appearance Bahama Knights

Anita is the frontwoman of Bahama Knights and Peter's first wife. She first appeared in the Season 4 episode Bahama Knights. Following their divorce, Anita hired a replacement percussionist and continued touring with the band while Peter stayed behind to persue Nance.


Sometime in the 70s, Anita and Peter fell in love and got married. She and Peter formed a band called Bahama Knights and rose to an impressive amount of success, as proven by a flashback to a 1976 live performance. Despite describing her marriage with Peter the best years of her life, the couple sought out a divorce. While the events surrounding their divorce are vague and somewhat mysterious, the relationship ended "when Nance came along," suggesting that Nance may have been the reason for the breakup.

Despite the divorce, Anita continued to tour with Bahama Knights without Peter, albeit with less success and smaller audiences. When Peter temporarily rejoined the band in Bahama Knights, it appeared to be somewhat major within the local music community, as the band could be seen being interviewed on the radio and taking pictures around the world.


Anita dresses in a way that matches her bohemian lifestyle as a musician, wearing long, flowing dresses and large pieces of statement jewelry. She usually wears sandals. She also has long, wavy brown hair. During the flashback to their 1976 performance, her style was relatively the same, except she wore a black beanie.


Anita possesses many of the qualities associated with hippies. She's very free-thinking and relaxed, especially compared to Peter. She doesn't bother hiding her love for Peter, kissing him on the lips in front of Nance when they first reunited. She is also very eccentric, as evidenced by her unusual vocal exercises and her enthusiastic stage presence that stays the same even if her audience is unamused.